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What is Resurfacing (Refinishing)?

Resurfacing also referred to as reglazing or refinishing is a process where you apply a coating of material over the existing bathtub. Please understand this material is not porcelain, as you cannot duplicate a porcelain finish due to the high heat required for that process. The coating with proper care and maintenance will last about 8-10 years. Perma Ceram can apply this process to bathtubs, tiles, sinks and in some cases floors.

Why Resurface (Refinish)?

One of the most important rooms in your home is your bathroom. Make your bathtub or bathroom look new again and increase your property values without the need for major reconstruction. In the industry of bathroom remodeling, there are limited options for your remodeling needs. You can do a complete teardown and remodel, which is expensive, time-consuming, and creates a big mess or you can use a liner system which is again expensive or refinish it.

Refinishing is what we do and have been doing for over 30 years. If you have a dull, dingy, dated bathroom and you want to change the colors, or just spruce up, we can help. Perma Ceram of Westchester can refinish your bathtub or tiles for a fraction of the cost and complete the job in as little as one day, saving you time and money. We can do porcelain, plastic, or even fiberglass.

Resurfacing (Refinishing) Process

We first clean, and prepare the bathtub with a mild acid, then sand the finish to assist in the bonding of the new material. We then mask the surrounding areas and apply a primer coat and then 4 coats of a sprayed on epoxy finish. Upon the material drying, we unmask and caulk. During the refinishing process, we use an exhaust fan to evacuate the fumes out the window in the bathroom or a nearby window.

Refinish Your Bathtub!

You can buy a new bathtub at a reasonable price, but understand the major part of the cost is the labor to install it. Bathtubs are often installed during the initial phases of home building, so typically to replace a bathtub you wind up renovating a large part of, or the entire room. We can make your bathtub look new again without the hassle of a partial or complete remodel. Stained, chipped up, and hard to clean bathtubs are unsightly and unhealthy and can create a negative impression on guests. Bathtub refinishing is the quickest and most economical way to add new life to your bathroom. We will apply a high gloss smooth finish to your bathtub and make it look as good as new.

Resurface (Refinish) Your Tiles!

For a fraction of the time and cost of ripping down your tile, we can give them new life by refinishing them. We take our time-tested process we use for bathtubs and apply it to your tiles. The average bathroom, bathtub, and tiles can be completed in as little as one day and with virtually no mess. Another advantage of refinishing tiles is the grout lines are also covered, virtually eliminating the need for regrouting as the sealed grout will not mildew over time.

Fiberglass and Porcelain Chip Repairs

We also do chip repairs in fiberglass and porcelain bathtubs and sinks. If you have experienced a situation where an incident left a mark or a chip in your bathtub we sand it down, fill where needed, and spray a coating over the area to make it unnoticeable.

Bathtub and Tile Resurfacing Services in Westchester, NY

Perma Ceram is a bathroom and tile resurfacing company in Westchester, NY. We provide professional and reliable refinishing services to the residents of Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Fairfield in NY and Greenwich, and Stamford in CT. We can repair and resurface most bathroom surfaces, including bathtubs, basins, shower bases, and wall tiles. Call (914) 930-4964 to avail our services.