Care Tips for Your Resurfacing

To maintain the beauty of your PERMA-CERAM surface:

  1. Do NOT rest any soap bottles, spray cans, or wet cloths on the surface for long periods of time.
  2. Be sure that faucets are tightly closed and shower Pipe is drained after each use.
  3. As with any new bathtub, remove excess water and wipe bathtub after each use.


  1. Even though the surface may not look dirty, it should be cleaned at least once a week with any liquid cleaner.
  2. DO USE any liquid cleaner – Fantastic, Lysol tub and bathroom cleaner, Liquid Ajax, or Formula 409 as examples.
  3. NEVER USE any ABRASIVE CLEANERS such as Ajax, or Comet powders on the surface. Even a cleaner such as a soft scrub is mildly abrasive.


If you should find your bathtub to be slippery, you may use a bathmat as long as you initially do not use it for a period of 2 weeks (Additional time for your surface to cure and harden), and you remove it after each use. The best type of mat is one WITHOUT suction cups on the bottom. DO NOT leave the mat laying over the rail of the bathtub when not in use. Should you wish to have a non-slip surface installed in the bottom of your bathtub, this also can be done.


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Care Tips for Your Resurfacing