"When we decided to remodel our bathroom, we went to a number of tiles store. And weren't satisfied with the price or designs. Then we moved to Perma Ceram. They gave us so many choices and the price they charged for it was unbeatable. When they completed the whole remodeling process, we just got amazed. That was fantastic. I would love to recommend them."

- Venus George

"I thought of replacing my very old bathtub, but was worried about the costs. Then one of my friends told me to approach Perma Ceram so that I could find a solution. They told me the process of resurfacing the bath tub which was far less than the replacing price. They did the job and I was very surprised that my bath tub looked like a brand new one. They also offered a warranty for the work. I was very impressed. I would highly recommend them."

- Olivia C.

"I have heard remodels are stressful, but working with Permaceram was pure pleasure. My house was kept clean during the remodeling and my bathroom turned out fabulous! I am truly impressed with their professional and fast service. It has been a pleasure dealing with them for my bathroom remodel."

- Garry D.

"I recently had my bathtub resurfaced with the help of Perma Ceram. They did a fantastic job. All of the cracks and chips were refilled and smoothed out. I am extremely pleased with the appearance of my bathtub, and would recommend Perma Ceram without hesitation." 

- Allen P.